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Secure Your Bitcoin with Offline Storage in Switzerland

Protect Your Bitcoin from Online Threats

Offline storage, or cold storage, is the ultimate way to secure your Bitcoin assets. Storing your assets in a top-tier Swiss data center that’s physically disconnected from the internet means that your Bitcoin are protected from cyber attacks, theft, and unauthorized access. With the added advantage of Switzerland’s reputation for privacy and security, you can trust that your Bitcoin are always in safe hands.

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State-of-the-art Data Center in Switzerland

The data center is housed many meters below ground in a building owned by one of Switzerland’s largest network companies. Certified by ISO 27001, the data center is located in a high-security region in Switzerland. Our servers are never connected to the internet, providing an added layer of protection for our clients’ assets.

The facility is capable of withstanding all kinds of military and civilian threats, and access is strictly controlled. Only designated and police-certified employees have access to certain areas, and all operations are conducted on the four-eyes principle.

With 24/7 video surveillance, a sophisticated fire alarm system, biometric access control, equal-height turnstiles, and a fully redundant Internet connection, our data center ensures the utmost security for our clients’ assets. Emergency power systems and fail-safe air conditioning also provide added protection.

Switzerland – The Safest Location for Your Bitcoin

Secure your Bitcoin in the world’s safest and most accommodating location. Switzerland’s reputation for security and privacy make it the ideal destination for hosting servers, while its legal framework provides a clear and sturdy foundation for regulating the Bitcoin sector. With no burdensome legal requirements, our Self-Custody Account offers the ultimate level of security and support for your Bitcoin. Trust in Switzerland’s long-standing tradition of securing the world’s most valuable assets and protect your investments with the Self-Custody Account.