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Self-Custody Account Features

Own Your Bitcoin

For the first time in history, Bitcoin has enabled the unprecedented elimination of risks associated with entrusting your assets to third-party institutions. Storing your Bitcoin with exchanges or banks means they have complete control over it. Only Self-Custody gives you sole ownership of your Bitcoin, providing complete control and security of your assets.

Why Does It Matter?

Gain complete control and ownership of your assets with Self-Custody, breaking free from the limitations and risks of centralized exchanges or banks. Our account is designed to empower you with the independence and security needed to manage your assets with confidence, ensuring true financial sovereignty and peace of mind.

Self-Custody AccountBank or Exchange (Custodial)
Freedom. Send and store your Bitcoin without any restrictions.Limitations. Restrictions on how you can use digital assets held in custody. For example, you are not able to send your Bitcoin to a third-party provider.
Full ownership. Only the Private Key constitutes Bitcoin ownership. With Self Custody, you hold it – no one else.No Ownership. The custodial company holds your private keys and can access your Bitcoin at any time.
Low risk. You are in full control of your Bitcoin at any time.Higher risk. Entrusting the custodial company with security and all the decisions relating to your assets.
Decentralized. Owning your private keys means no one can take your Bitcoin away from you. There is no institutional or governmental influence.Centralized. Custodial services operate under government control. As such, they may be forced to freeze assets or disclose personal information to authorities.
Independence. Self Custody supports you in becoming a sovereign individual. We want our clients to be independent.Dependence. Custodial services don’t want you to be independent, as they control your assets.

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Full Control, Anytime, Anywhere.

The account offers a range of cutting edge features that allow you to manage your assets effortlessly, all in one place. With our user-friendly website dashboard, you can manage your Bitcoin assets from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you have complete control and visibility over your assets.


Get a full overview of your Bitcoin assets and initiate any account operation from one single place.

Deposit Bitcoin

Depositing your Bitcoin is easy. Simply scan a QR code using your current exchange app, and your assets will be securely deposited to your Self-Custody account. 

Bitcoin Transfers

With just a few simple steps, you can securely and quickly transfer your assets, anytime and anywhere.

Offline Storage

Moving your Bitcoin to Offline Storage is as simple as turning on a switch. A sophisticated backend architecture takes care of the rest.


Add an extra layer of security to your Bitcoin management by requiring multiple signatures to authorize transactions. 

Double the Security: 2 Signatures Required to Approve Transactions

The Self-Custody Account offers a powerful Multi-Signature feature for Bitcoin that is perfectly suited for family offices, asset managers, institutional investors, and clients managing shared assets. With our Multi-Sig feature, each transaction requires two co-signers to provide approval, offering unparalleled levels of security and transparency for the management of our clients’ assets.

The Multi-Signature feature provides an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access, theft, or loss of funds. This is especially critical for clients managing shared assets, as it ensures that every movement of funds is thoroughly vetted and authorized by the designated co-signers.

We understand that security and transparency are crucial for asset managers and those managing shared assets. Our Multi-Sign feature reflects our commitment to providing a secure and transparent solution for Bitcoin ownership. Join us today and experience the ultimate in Bitcoin security with our powerful Multi-Signature feature.