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Uncompromising Security & Privacy

Aligned Interests: The Security of Your Bitcoin is Our Top Priority

The Self-Custody Account was created with the goal of protecting the firm’s Bitcoin assets and those of our founding family and partners in Switzerland. This adherence to security is reflected in our steadfast commitment to using the same Self-Custody Account for our Bitcoin as the one we offer to clients. The firm, founding family, board of directors and management are all bound by this requirement, ensuring that the highest standards of security and privacy are maintained. You can have peace of mind, knowing that the same level of protection applies to your assets as our own. The Security of Your Bitcoin is Our Top Priority.

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Cutting Edge Security Features

Our Self-Custody Account is built with the traditional Swiss numbered account in mind, offering cutting-edge features to maximize privacy and security for our partners. Our unwavering commitment to these principles drives our software development and business decisions, ensuring that your privacy and security are always top of mind.

End-to-end Encryption

Easily back up your private key by encrypting the file with your own password. The file is then secured with military-grade AES-256bit encryption, ensuring that only you have access to your private key.

Full Stack

We are a full-stack company. This means that we deliberately refrain from working with technology companies such as Apple, Google or Amazon. For we believe that dependence on these companies would significantly compromise the security of your Bitcoin.

Swiss Made

As a Swiss firm, Saidler & Co. offers the ultimate level of security for your assets. We host our servers in Switzerland and handle every aspect of our solution in-house, from software to support.

Two-factor Authentication

All sensitive account operations require two-factor authentication. In addition to the password, the account holder will receive a six digit code to the email address.

No App

The entity that owns the app store (eg. Apple or Google) will know that you have a particular app installed, as will your mobile phone service provider. To guarantee the ultimate level of privacy, we have decided not to offer a smartphone app to our partners.

No Tracking

We are using no marketing cookies, no location tracking or any other third-party cookies.

Usability is Security

There is a history of security software that fails to achieve widespread adoption due to the difficulty of using it compared to less secure alternatives. For us, usability is a key component of security.