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Prioritize Ownership and Security: Why You Can’t Buy Bitcoin with the Self-Custody Account

The reason why you cannot buy bitcoin with the Self-Custody Account is because we prioritize the security and independence of your Bitcoin holdings above all else. Unlike typical cryptocurrency exchanges that offer buy and sell functions, our platform operates under a different philosophy.

Our fundamental principles of Self-Custody prioritize customers maintaining complete control and sovereignty over their Bitcoin holdings. We do not offer buy and sell functions because we believe that trusting third-party entities with your valuable assets is not in your best interest.

Instead, our Self-Custody Account empowers clients to exercise complete control and independence over their Bitcoin holdings. We provide a highly advanced storage solution that guarantees true ownership and guaranteed security for your assets. This storage solution ensures that your assets are not pooled with other users’ funds, and your Bitcoins are only accessible by you.

Furthermore, our commitment to Self-Custody means that we do not hold or manage our customers’ funds. By avoiding the custody of your funds, we can minimize any risk of your assets being compromised.

At our platform, we value your financial independence and believe that it can only be achieved through Self-Custody. That is why we do not offer buy and sell functions. By choosing our platform and our Self-Custody Account, you are prioritizing the security and independence of your Bitcoin holdings.

Furthermore, we value transparency in all our dealings, and this is reflected in our fee structure. We do not impose any hidden transactional fees, so you can feel confident that you are not overpaying when using our services.

In essence, the Self-Custody Account is specifically designed to prioritize the protection of your Bitcoin above all else. It represents our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with complete control and independence over their Bitcoin holdings, enabling them to exercise true financial sovereignty.