What is a Recovery Phrase?

A recovery phrase is a human-readable form of your Self-Custody numeric private key and is displayed as a 12-word phrase. If you lose access to your Self-Custody account, it is possible to restore access to your funds by using your recovery phrase .The length of a secret recovery phrase, often referred to as a mnemonic phrase or seed phrase, can vary, although they typically consist of 12, 18, or 24 words. Your Recovery phrase will always consist of 12 words. There is a set list of words that the Self-Custody randomly chooses and each word is assigned to a number. We adhere to the BIP39 standard's 2048-word English language wordlist.

Like your Private Key, whoever has access to your recovery phrase will be able to gain access to your assets. Therefore, it is crucial to store your recovery phrase in a secure place. We do not recommend taking a screenshot of your recovery phrase. Alternatively, we offer the possibility to store it directly on a password manager. Please visit How To Choose a Secure Password to learn more about how Self-Custody integrates with password managers.

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