About Us

We are a Swiss Bitcoin company. Our headquarters are in Zug, Switzerland, and everything we do is taken care of in-house. Our beliefs are rooted in the Swiss traditions of discretion, stability and security. Protecting our clients' Bitcoin is always our top priority, both in software development and in our business decisions.


Our Story

Numbrs was founded in 2013 by Martin Saidler - an internet pioneer who has successfully built and invested in international market-leading companies since 1996. Our founder and his entrepreneurial experience shape our values, providing us with both a strong foundation and a clear vision for the future.

Very early on, investments in alternative and disruptive assets became part of our strategy. We have been investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related projects since 2013. At that time, few recognized its disruptive potential. Today, ten years on, it is clear that Bitcoin is becoming the new gold standard.

The current global uncertainty and the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies have sparked a debate about the stability of traditional currencies and the future of banks. As early Bitcoin investors, we believe that Bitcoin is not only a highly attractive investment but that it also has the potential to safely and discreetly preserve personal wealth for generations.

The process of finding a safe place to store our very own Bitcoin motivated us to build our own storage solution in Switzerland. It was of the utmost importance for us to develop a self-custody solution, as we were deeply concerned that banks and exchanges would have complete control over our Bitcoin. We were particularly shocked to learn that revoking ownership of Bitcoin is even legally incorporated into the terms and conditions of any custodian. This is why we developed Numbrs: the most secure self-custody located in Switzerland.

We think long-term and are deeply rooted in the Swiss tradition of independence. In our decisions, we focus on security for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We always act in the best interests of our clients and are guided by our overarching goal: to provide the safest Bitcoin Self Custody solution in the world.

The Partnership

The strength of our company is built on our people and our relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. Numbrs is led by a partnership of five Managing Partners, who are responsible for the activities of the company. The company’s founder, Martin Saidler, personally selected each partner and trained them over many years. The partnership has been working together in this formation for almost a decade:

Fynn Kreuz CEO, Chairman of the Board

Fynn Kreuz has been with Numbrs since 2013. He is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2018. He has held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2021.

Thomas Buetler Member of the Board of Directors

Thomas Buetler is a highly qualified executive with extensive experience in private banking. He was previously a Managing Director at Notenstein La Roche Private Bank, where he headed private banking for Western Europe.

Gianni Scenini Managing Partner, CTO

Gianni Scenini has been working at Numbrs since 2015. Mr. Scenini is in charge of the company’s information technology and security systems.

Luis Lacambra Managing Partner, Head of Product

Luis Lacambra has been working at Numbrs since 2013. Mr. Lacambra leads the strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio.

Julia Pelleschi Managing Partner, Operations

Julia Pelleschi has been working at Numbrs since 2012. Mrs. Pelleschi is responsible for Operations, where she supports the CEO and all departments with operational and administrative tasks.