Getting Started

Please follow the steps outlined below if you want to create your Singlesig Account. In case you want to create a Multisig Account please visit 'How to create a Multisig account'.


Step 1 - Sign Up

    1. To sign up, please navigate to the sign up page.
    2. Please enter the email address you wish to use to create your account and click on 'Continue'.
    3. If the email address is valid, an email will be sent to you to initiate the signup process.
    4. Please click on 'Get Started' in the email you receive to start the signup process.


Step 2 - Choose Your Account Type

    1. Please select 'Singlesig Account' and then on 'Continue'.


Step 3 - Pricing, Terms & Conditions and Personal Details

    1. Please read the information about our Service Fees and our Terms & Conditions. Once completed, click on 'Accept & Continue'.
    2. On the next page, please enter your personal details and click on 'Continue'.



Step 4 - Set Up Your Recovery Phrase

    1. Now your recovery phrase will be displayed. Please store it in a safe place and check the confirmation box displayed below. Then, click on 'Continue'.
    2. You will be prompted to fill in your recovery phrase. If any of the words are incorrect, it will be highlighted in red. Once you have correctly filled out the words, you will be able to select 'Confirm'.



Step 5 - Set Up Your Password

    1. Please create a password to lock your Private Key. The password must meet the following requirements: Min 1 upper case, Min 1 number, Min 1 symbol and Min 8 characters
    2. Confirm the password and click on 'Continue'.
    3. Your Self-Custody account has now been created.

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