Contributing to the security of your data

These are our 4 golden rules:

  • Do not share your credentials with anyone. This information should always be kept private.
  • Make your passwords unique and difficult to crack. In fact, we recommend using an entire passphrase. Find out how to choose a secure password.
  • Never write your password or passphrase down, not even electronically. If you are using multiple passwords, we recommend using a password manager. iOS and Android offer built-in ones as part of their operating system.
  • Be considerate of where you use your Self-Custody account. A crowded bus might not be the best location to use your account.

Stay up to date

Remember to update your phone‘s operating system and the app to benefit from security fixes and improvements, whenever these become available.

Do not save your PIN anywhere

Whether you store your PIN is up to you. The safest option, however, is to memorise it by heart.

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