Numbrs Self Custody – The Safest Way To Store Bitcoin

Numbrs Self Custody – The Safest Way To Store Bitcoin

We established Numbrs with a focus on security and protection of our clients' Bitcoins. Our mission is to develop the most secure self-custody storage solution for private Investors with significant Bitcoin holdings. 

Wallets and exchanges are handy for transactions and trading. But they are vulnerable to online threats. And they don’t necessarily protect investors against bankruptcy. They serve a purpose, but it’s not to secure your savings. Numbrs instead focuses exclusively on keeping Bitcoins safe.

6 months after our launch, we have used all our customer feedback, security expertise, and technological knowledge to develop our most secure storage solution yet. From today onwards, our clients will have access to a wide range of new security services. Among them:

Self Custody

When you buy Bitcoin from an exchange or bank and store it there, they have full control over your assets as they control the Private Key to your Bitcoin. A Private Key is like a password that you can use to access and manage your Bitcoin. Anyone who knows your Private Key can make transactions without your permission.

Not controlling your Private Key exposes your assets to severe privacy and security risks. In case of bankruptcy, hack, or confiscation, you can lose all your assets. Self custody, instead, means that you alone are the owner of your Private Key and the custodian of your Bitcoin.

With Numbrs, your Bitcoin really belongs to you and you alone. Only you own your Private Key, which is fully encrypted and secured in Switzerland. You are the sole owner of your Bitcoin and completely independent from banks or third party influences.

Offline storage

We have developed the most secure offline storage solution in the industry. By definition, offline storage is a form of storage that is never connected to the internet. We enable clients to store their Bitcoin disconnected from the internet in a state-of-the art, highly-secure data center in Switzerland. With the offline storage solution of Numbrs, your Private Key is protected against online threats and hacker attacks.

Added Security

To further increase the security of your Bitcoin, you will be able to manage your Bitcoin through an advanced web dashboard, independent of any app platforms. 

Numbrs is a web-only company. This means that we purposefully refrain from providing a smartphone app, as we believe that an app would compromise the security of your Bitcoin.

“Every app initially poses an additional security risk, even if it is a legitimate offer” - German Federal Office for Information Security.

App users have to trust the manufacturer of their device and its operating system (eg. Apple or Google), as well as the publishers of the app. Users must also be able to trust the third party over which data is exchanged before downloading apps and saving or sending data. Numbrs does not want to expose its clients to these risks, and therefore does not offer a smartphone app.

We would like to thank all customers for their trust in us and hope that you will be equally delighted with our new services. If you have any questions about us or technical details, you can always reach out to our customer service representatives.