The Numbrs Bitcoin Account Is Coming To Web

After successfully launching the Numbrs Bitcoin Account in December 2021, we have reached another milestone with our latest release: Continuously improving our product and becoming the most secure solution for self-storage of Bitcoin. As of today, customers can manage their Numbrs Bitcoin Account not only with a mobile app on their smartphone, but also within their web browser. 

In the spirit of decentralisation, the newest update of the Numbrs Bitcoin Account adds another access point. Whether you prefer an app on your phone or any device sporting web access, like desktops, laptops or tablets – you now have the choice. Even if you like to manage your Bitcoin Account via app while travelling but access it from a desktop during office hours or at home, you can. There is no limitation of how you like to use it. 

To access your Bitcoin Account via the web, just follow these few steps:

  1. Visit our website numbrs.com and click on ‘Login’ in the top right corner.
  2. Log into your account by simply using your account credentials. 
  3. Enjoy a full dashboard with a responsive design that aligns with all your devices.

Always an eye on the Bitcoin price

With the release of the Numbrs Bitcoin Account web version, we also unveil graphs. A new feature that lets you check the price of Bitcoin in real-time. You can switch between different time frames like the past 24 hours, the last week, up until the entire chart of the BTC price from day one. The graphs are conveniently placed on the homescreen of your account and can be accessed from there. 

Graphs adds to the rich feature set of the Bitcoin Account, which includes sending and receiving BTC to other wallets, as well as exclusive access to Numbrs Research from our team of researchers, entrepreneurs, and computer scientists.

The same level of security that we provide with the app can be found on the web as well. You can create a backup of your account and save your recovery phrase manually in the ‘Profile’ section, which adds an extra layer of security, if you haven’t already done so in the Numbrs Bitcoin Account app.

The web version also introduces a 7-day trial period, as well as a very simple process to pay all account fees in BTC from now on. If you have questions about the new features or feedback in general, we are happy to answer. Our support team is standing by.