Why is Switzerland the safest place to save your BTC?

Since 1848, Switzerland has been a federal republic of autonomous provinces with a history dating back more than 700 years. Switzerland's enduring neutrality, political stability and modern data protection laws create a maximally secure environment for digital assets. To date, Switzerland is neither a member of NATO nor the European Union. The distribution of power in the federalist system and the deeply rooted direct democracy have protected Switzerland from centralism and authoritarian ideas for centuries.

Within this stable framework, a globally unique range of secure and discreet asset management services has emerged. The Swiss Constitution of 1848 and far-sighted banking legislation made Switzerland a safe haven for private assets, especially in times of crisis. Switzerland has been the world’s largest wealth management centre for international assets since centuries for a reason. With forward looking blockchain legislation, Switzerland has as well created regulatory certainty for anyone owning or managing Bitcoin. In a nutshell, your Bitcoins are nowhere as safe as in Switzerland.

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