What is Self-Custody?

Aligned with the needs of sophisticated private investors, we have built Self-Custody, an institutional grade self-custody solution to store Bitcoin. Our core value proposition is not trading but rather to guarantee the secure and discreet self-custody storage of Bitcoin in Switzerland. The features include:

Own your Bitcoin

If you do not own your private keys, you do not own your Bitcoins. With Self-Custody, your private keys and therefore your Bitcoins belong only to you and you alone (see more information on private keys and self-custody here). Even we cannot access your private keys.

Backup in Switzerland

A fully encrypted backup in Switzerland guarantees comprehensive protection of your Bitcoins. If you lose your password or seed phrase, you can recover your Bitcoins from your backup hosted in Switzerland.

Send and receive Bitcoin

With Self-Custody, you can send Bitcoin to any recipient in the world. No settlement times of several business days, no additional fees for international payments, no minimum or maximum amounts.

Pay in Bitcoin

Whether it is to pay for hotels, shopping or automobiles, many merchants are accepting Bitcoin around the world. In addition to Self-Custody, the complementary app enables you to pay with your Bitcoins.

Customer service - 24/7

Self-Custody holders have access to exclusive customer support at any time of the day. Our experienced agents will assist you through a communication channel of your choice.

Military-grade Encryption of Your Private Key

Your private key is encrypted with AES-GCM 256-bit military-grade algorithm. No one but you - not even us - can decrypt your private key and gain access to your Bitcoin. As a Self-Custody client, you can securely restore your private keys, in case of loss.

Swiss Company. Swiss Shareholders.

As a Swiss company, we are legally obliged to adhere to the Swiss virtues of privacy, security, and stability. Self-Custody is controlled by Swiss Shareholders, who secure their own Bitcoins on Self-Custody.

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