Can I switch between Singlesig and Multisig accounts?

For security reasons, it is not possible to automatically switch between Singlesig and Multisig Accounts. In order to utilize our Multisig Account functionality, a new account must be created with a new, previously unused email address. Once the new account is created, funds can then be transferred to the new account. It is important to note that Singlesig Accounts and Multisig Accounts have different security features, and it is a decision that should be carefully considered. Personal accounts rely on the user to individually protect their private key and access to their Bitcoin. Multisig accounts, on the other hand, rely on multiple parties to protect both the private key and digital assets stored within. We recommend that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of each account type and make a decision that best suits your needs. If you have any questions or concerns about which account type to choose, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team for guidance.

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