Change your account information

For compliance reasons, we requir some information in order to charge the appropriate amount of VAT. Please note that this information is solely used for VAT payment and it will not be used for any other purposes. You can learn more about how we handle your personal data here. To calculate the VAT, we require your first & last name, country of residence and your full address.

  1. To log in, please navigate to the login page.
  2. Please click on ‘Profile’ in the upper right hand corner.
  3. In your ‘Account Settings’ please click on ‘Update’ under ‘Personal information’.
  4. You can now adjust what data is associated with your account.

Please note that it is not possible to change the first and last name associated with your account. If you are based in Switzerland, the price includes a 7.7% VAT payment. If you are based outside of Switzerland, you will not be charged VAT.

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