Note: The balance always shows the current value of the Bitcoin you hold, while the transactions show the FIAT equivalent on the day the transactions were made.

  1. To log in, please navigate to the login page.
  2. Under ‘Your Balance’ your funds are displayed in both your chosen FIAT currency and in BTC. You can choose which FIAT currency you want to display by changing the currency in settings. To view transactions on the website, please refresh the page. You will then see the updated transactions without having to repeat the login process.

Balance over time

At the bottom of your dashboard you can see a graph to track price movements of your assets over different time periods. This is displayed on your dashboard. This can be viewed by toggling through the buttons under the graph: 1D (day), 1W (Week), 1M (Month), 3M, 1Y (Year) and ALL. Please note that portfolio price changes will be displayed in your base currency, chosen on our  website.

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