Account Types

We believe in giving our clients the power to choose the account that caters to their specific needs. Our Personal and Premium Accounts provide the flexibility you need to manage your Bitcoin assets in a way that suits you best. During the sign-up process, you will have the opportunity to select the account plan that aligns with your requirements. It's important to note that the choice you make at this stage cannot be changed at a later point. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully consider your needs and preferences before making a decision.

Personal Account

For private individuals who prefer to handle their Bitcoin independently, our Personal Account is the perfect choice. With this account, you gain exclusive access and complete control over your Bitcoin assets. It is recommended for clients with deposits under USD 1 million. Our Personal Account offers the convenience of Singlesig, whereas the sole account holder, you maintain full control over your assets.

Premium Account

On the other hand, our Premium Account is tailored for those who require enhanced security measures and professional support. Whether you are an asset manager, a family office, or a high net worth individual (HNWI), this account is designed to meet your specific needs. The Premium Account offers two options: Singlesig and Multisig. With Singlesig, you, as the sole account holder, maintain complete control over your assets. Alternatively, Multisig allows you to share control with two co-signers, providing an additional layer of security. In addition, our Premium Account provides you with a dedicated Client Advisor who will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Priority support ensures that your needs are given prompt attention.

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